Monday, January 9, 2012

Double Scoop Training Weekend in Florida!

This last weekend, I was SO lucky to fly down to Ft. Lauderdale to train with my buddy Laura! She has been working very hard out of town and wanted to take a weekend to recharge! So I got to be the battery!

Since I had a double brick, we named it the Inagural Double Scoop Race! We stayed at the "host hotel" of our own race!

Here is an adorable picture of the two of us--just so you have a picture in your mind!

There was some pretty fantastic swag at our race!

Saturday, was the double scoop. Here's the workout:

3 Hour Ride
2 Hour Run
2 Hour Ride
1 Hour Run

The ride was simply beautiful. Tons of people on the A1A riding on a beautiful Saturday morning.

I actualy think that the first run was the hardest. It was near 80 (I know I know--I am not complaining!!!), and we made a handful of stops--incuding the canteen for water in the hotel. Pretty nice actually!

We also trained with some Zotz! Remember that candy! Fizzy Fun!

Zotz Candy

So then we got out on our bikes again! I was actually really glad to be back on my bike.
And I got a flat. We fixed it.
And I got a blowout.
So we put a dollar in (but it was realy the sidewall where the hole was), and we patched a tube.
And then I got another flat.
So we patched the other tube and rode for a while.
And then 1 mile from the hotel, I got a last flat.
I give up! Laura went to get the car and bring me home so we could get ou run on!

So then we went out for our last run. The last run was actually strong. Laura got quiet, and I got chatty. When I get chatty, it is usually a pretty good sign for my fitness!

So then we were done! YIPPIE! The double scoop is complete!

We went to this very fun resturant for tacos:

Then, what better way to celebrate the double scoop race, but with a double scoop of ice cream!


In a chocolate dipped cone!

That was about all I could handle for one day!

So Sunday, we got up and went for an 1.5 hour run. I felt really good!

We ended our in an Italian bakery, where I got gelato (single scoop this time!)

Then, we headed out for a swim!

Pretty good form, huh?

Ok, well on my real 1 hour swim, it was really choppy! Realy really choppy! But the wate was clear and beautiful!

But, I was swimming along, and saw a big brown blob under me. Great.

So I dove down to see what it was of course!

And it was a Manatee!!!! Big blobby fat chunky cute manatee!

I said, "Laura, come look! It's a manatee!"

She said, "will it hurt you?!?!?"

I said, "It's too fat to do anything to you!"

She glanced at it, and I started diving down trying to get closer to it.

And then it swam away....sad....

We got out of a pretty rough swim, and then it was time to kick our feet up.

We made reservations at the huge and yummy buffet for lunch!

It was awesome!

Ok, just one more!

We sat on the beach for about an hour.

And then, we had a massage overlooking the ocean!!!

Tough life.....

In other words, I had a really amazing weekend! It was great training, great food, great weather, and a wonderful time with an amazing friend!!!!


  1. Awesome weekend. I love me some gelato. Next time we need pictures of the manatee!

  2. Wow!!! great work Kacie - and it looks like you had FUN!! you are going to rock the Double! We need to get gelato sometime... my FAVORITE.

  3. No spare time at all
    That's an amazing agenda you cranked out

  4. Looks like an awesome weekened!

  5. Sounds completely ridiculously awesome. What a training weekend!

    I will say though, I think your food out did your training in terms of pure awesomeness! I so want an all you an eat buffet that looks like that!!!

    Keep up the great work!

  6. WOW...your weekend totally topped mine and I thought I have a pretty epic one. :)

    LOVE IT!!!

  7. Seriously, that sounds like an awesome time!!

  8. beyond jealous for so many reasons... not limited to the weather... :D

  9. You are amazing... simply amazing! And what a great weekend!!!