Friday, January 20, 2012

Meet My Double Ironman Crew Part 3

Now appearing is my friend Sparkles (yes she has another name, but why disclose it? I've called her Sparkles for over 10 year now!!). Sparkles has been an incredible cheerleader for me SO many times (like in Louisville!) and I feel incredibly lucky that she is coming down to Tampa!

1. Give a quick introduction of yourself:
I am called Sparkles.

2. How do you know Kacie?
We met in College on a study around the country. We made up a lot of songs about Native dwellings, hiked across the most beautiful Nat'l Parks and camped for 6 weeks. 

3. What is your favorite type of ice cream?
Ben and Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie in a sugar cone with sprinkles

4. If you could fill an empty swimming pool with anything, what would it be?
water and Chad Ochocinco

5. What is your greatest athletic accomplishment?
Completing 5 marathons in my first year of running and still enjoying running and not getting injuries.  

6. What is one "creepy crawly" animal that you can't stand?
little tiny yappy dogs, so creepy and crawling all around all the time

7. Give us 3 words to describe you:
girly, goofy, shy

8. If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you bring with you?

9. If you could only eat 1 meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Berries, oatmeal and yogurt in a glass also known as "sass in a glass"

10. Do you have any secret talents? Party tricks? Hilarious jokes?  Tell us!
I can sing rap songs in an Operatic voice .

11. If you were given a yaht, what would you name it?
"Your Mom" or "I CAN AFFORD A BOAT!"

12. What do you think is the worst Halloween candy?
Tootsie Rolls

13. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
the power to make everyone feel loved

14. If you were a professional wrestler, what would your stage name be?
Cruela De Kill

15.  Crunchy peanut butter or creamy?

16. Would you rather spend a month is Antarctica or Death Valley?
Antarctica, I want to go whale watching 

17. What is your favorite kind of music? (there might be a playlist in the making, so feel free to add all you want!!)
Coldplay, Adelle, Florence + the Machine, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Mary J, Stevie, John Legend, NSinc  

18. What is your next athletic adventure?
Ballroom dancing and 1/2 marathon in ATL 

19. If Kacie were to make a treat during her taper, what would you like to have around for 24+ hours during the race?
Choc. Chip Oatmeal Cookies 

20.  What are you most looking forward to on the crewing adventure with Kacie?
Making inappropriate signs to help distract Kacie from pain, singing songs with George, the all you can eat buffet at our party tent ( i mean serious training refueling station), and watching Kacie finish.  

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  1. Wow... she's sounds like a blast! :) Great pick for your crew!!!