Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ahhh Recovery!

Yesterday I got back on my bike. Instead of looking like this though, I was just spinning in my living room while watching Sex and the City:

So for entire week after the epic picture above, I pretty much ate chocolate cake. Really. It was amazing to me how much cake appeared in my life the week I decided I would eat cake. You should try it sometime. Tell the world you are up for cake, and it will appear. Cake time is over though. Back to normal. :-(

Oh, our crazy life got a little crazier. George was breaking up a fight at school, and a kid broke his nose. So he had to have surgery to fix it! No worries now though, because it is all straight, and he can breath normally again!

After surgery, we headed to my friend Katie's rehearsal dinner!

One week post Ironman, I was sitting in the Four Seasons, eating tacos, having my hair fixed all fancy and makeup done while the room service people brought white wine for us to toast our friend's wonderful wedding. What a difference a week makes!!!

Katie gave me a bouquet of red Gerber daisies to carry (my favorite!)

Here is my fancy makeup:

And here is my fancy hair:
No pictures from the wedding yet, since I didn't bring my camera, but I will tell you that George was rocking a nose cast, and my sunburn was peeling off my back making me look like a lizard. We will not be offended if we are not included in the wedding album!

Coach and I are working on my schedule right now. I have Quassy in June, which I am really excited about. He told me to stay with the Olympic, and he's right. We are making some decisions about the distances for Cedar Point and SC Rev 3 still. I signed up for 2 swim races in June so that I can really get back into serious swim shape, which is easier to do post 140.6. I will post more about the schedule as we decide things.

Oh, and another thing, George and I signed up for an Ironman together......it's going to be a fun Thanksgiving!


  1. Coz sounds wonderful since ATL seems to have decided that it's January weather wise again...

  2. "and cake will appear" that sounds fabulous!!! Love the fancy hair and makeup too! Glad you are relaxing a little! I didn't know you were going to be in CT too!! so cool! We will be there for the half. Enjoy your cake a little longer, you deserve it :D