Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Training Begins Again

Last week was a strong training week and my last week of school!

I managed 12,500 yds last week, which is a personal best!

We are trying to get out to start the trek up to Quassy for the Olympic Rev AND George and I will be doing an aquakbike relay during the Half Rev on Sunday!

We are going to visit family who is moving across the pond on the way up :-( We will miss having our nieces around! We will spend a couple of days with them, a couple in Quassy, and then we will take of for the LONG drive home on Sunday (to really return on Monday). Should be a fun little adventure, AND my first chance to meet my TEAM TRAKKERS!!!

I am also peaking this week for the Chattanooga Rat Race (a 4.5 mile swim). I read conflicting race reports that have me worried! Some years, the locks are open and there is a great current. Some years they are closed and it is like a lake swim.

This scared me--a lot. I am not really ready for that.

So, last night, I swam 8000 yards in the pool. I needed to make sure I could do it without going under--and the pool is a safe place to do that. Probably not my best choice, but feeling some confidence about this nutty race coming up!

I will be laying off some during these travel days so that I can rest and recover for the weekend!

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