Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ahhhh Training!

Things have been going well!

Great meeting Thursday with Coach and Laura to talk out every massive workout for the next nine weeks exactly (I should be decently into the marathon by 4:19 in exactly nine weeks--but who's counting?!?!). The schedule is a little terrifying, but hey, it is 140.6 miles. If it's not terrifying, I think I am doing something wrong!

Then, a great trainer workout. The next three weeks at the sessions are all about speed. Yikes!

Friday, I did a swim workout with actual speed sets! It was great! I usually just do long sets and get the work in, but my goal is a swim PR, so I am going to have to put in some work in the pool, and I am super excited about it!

Friday night, George and I had a little carbohydrate party! Salad, whole wheat rolls we turned into bruscetta, whole wheat angel hair, and meatless meatballs. One of those rolls MIGHT have been topped with some of this after dinner, but I am NOT telling on George (hehehehe,'s who was eating the chocolate hazelnut spread!)

If you haven't seen George's Blog, you should go there! And you should follow him! (and of course, follow me if you are not already! It makes me happy!)

Saturday, I got up and out in the rain with Laura for a 10 miler. I took one last picture of my shoes looking perfect before their first run in the rain.

And how I was feeling about taking my perfect shoes out in the rain.

But--training is training, and sometimes it is a little muddy :-) The run was great. We were able to keep up a MUCH better pace than I had anticipated since I am still building my fitness back up. We did this one stupidly long hill (about 0.9 miles with a flat section in the middle) twice. I lead us up the first time, and went WAY too fast, which meant that the second time up, I lost Laura in the last 100yds. Oh well, it'll come back! I still finished the hill, but couldn't quite keep up the pace at the end of the run. But--I think digging deep in a workout certainly helps you get better faster!

I had some insanely tasty ultragen on the car ride home.

Then, I read the Hunger Games. It is a really fun read that all my kids are reading! Now I just need to get my paws on the next two books!

Oh, and I had a sandwich with these gems. If you haven't had either of these bits of heaven, you might not even want to open up that door--it's really hard to close it once you have tasted these. The cherries I save and only have once in a blue moon. The Maple Nut butter probably makes up about 30% of my daily calories!

Speaking of calories, we have planned a spring break trip to asheville! We are going to stay in a B&B right in town, and I am really excited about it! We are going from Friday to Thursday, and two of our friends are going for the first weekend. This is a fun and a training trip. It is a week I get to dedicate entirely to training for IM St. George. Big runs, long ride, big mountains, giant pancakes, and cookies....I mean, broccoli....?

Here is a cute picture of where we are staying!

Here is a part of the confirmation email:

The Carolina Bed & Breakfast is happy to accommodate special diets but again, we do need advance notice. If you have any preferences or allergies we need to know about please send me an email or give me a call. We have noted that you are vegetarian and will make sure that there is plenty of good food for you (including cookies!)

Maybe I did mention something about cookies when made our reservations.....or they just KNOW me :-)

George and I are considering doing a crazy adventure on our bikes Thursday and Friday of our spring break, but there is more on that to come!


  1. That B&B looks adorable! And I love that they talk about cookies in the confirmation. Totally my kind of place!

    Glad to hear that training is coming along. The race is in sight... keep pushing!

  2. Wow, your pantry is filled with lots of delicious goodies. Want to do my grocery shopping for me?!

  3. I love Asheville! Take your bike and hit the Blue Ridge Parkway - you'll get some climbing in and the scenery will be breathtaking! For a side trip, visit the Biltmore Estate. Very beautiful place, and the winery isn't bad either!

  4. Hi there,
    Cool to find you. And you're doing IM ST. George! Holy MOly! And it's around the corner. ya must be in the thick of training! look forward to reading about your adventure!

  5. The bed and breakfast looks wonderful!!!
    Love and miss you!