Monday, March 21, 2011

Great week of training....and a race!

This week was not nearly as busy as last week, but still plenty going on!

First and foremost, I took this beauty home all built up!

Ahhhhh....isn't she just beautiful?? I love it! I am going to get fit on her on Friday from 4-6 at All3Sports (another amazing sponsor of Team Trakkers!). I can't wait. I thinking about a new kind of saddle to help relieve some pain while training. Seems creatively designed and people love them, so I think I am going to try it out!

Oh right, training! I didn't get in a swim last monday, which was fine. Tuesday I did the sessions, and I started to feel really strong. Wednesday, Laura and I had a good 6 miler together. Thursday I did the sessions again, and they went really really well (and they are not getting easier!). George got his bike all fit, and I snapped a couple of pictures during the cool down of the sessions on Thursday:

Friday I swam. Slow slow slow! Saturday, I got in about 3 hours chasing people around on my bike. Then, I went to my friend's baby shower, ran back home, and went to the Georgia Dome for the Publix Georgia Marathon Expo with George and Sparkles. Now, there might have been a few too many samples eaten, but I am never ever telling!

I don't think I mentioned that while I was riding and such, George was winning 3rd place in his Cat3 time trial on his new Kestrel!!! It was a 5K rolling course with lots of turns, and he rode it in 7:04. That is crazy! Crazy Awesome! George is on the left with his Teammates and yes, that is his cool Jersey for being the champ in the road race...oh wait, sorry, this picture must be from the road race! He did that Sunday, and helped get the guy in the middle (our friend Erik) to a second place finish. Cycling is this strange combo of individual and team, and they really pulled it off on Sunday!

Then...we headed over to Maggianos for lots of bread, mussels, pasta, and bread! That place is soooo yummy.....

Sunday, we were up and going quickly to run (and George's race from above). Mom came down, and she sparkles and I ran together for the first 7 miles. Here we are before we got all sweaty:

It was an awesome run. I love running with people that I love!!!

Mom and I ran off from Sparkles after 7 together and finished up. I didn't want the run to be over! Then, we went off for some breakfast, and came back to pick up Sparkles who had finished her second marathon in 2011 (and ever!!!). I am super proud of her!

After all that fun, I went to the track to cheer on my Kids 4 Kids group doing a workout! We headed to get some fro yo afterwards, and then off to get our lives together before another nutty week!

This week, I had nothing on my Training Peaks today. Does that mean a rest day? I don't know! I emailed my coach, and didn't hear back. My guess is yes, since I ran the farthest I have run in this training cycle (and I have been running on softer stuff when possible) all on tough pavement yesterday. Tomorrow trainer sessions, Wednesday is running, and Thursday is my LAST of the indoor sessions. I am pretty sad. They are hard, but I seriously feel like I am getting into shape when I do them! Friday is bike fit and swim! Saturday is off.....because.....Sunday is.....
1:15 Swim
4:00 Bike
2:00 Run

I have to spend the week mentally preparing myself for that one. Some physical prep might be good too!

Thanks to my new followers! It is awesome to see you on the list!

Any advice for the mental preparation? Saddles? Frozen Yogurt toppings (I tried about everything this weekend!)?


  1. Love my Adamo saddles. I got a white road saddle for the new Kestrel ... it looks awesome!

  2. I went with a Cobb V-flow Max - I was having some troubles myself. I have used teh Cobb seat for 3 rides, this last ride was actually pleasant. It took some adjusting but I like it.

    OH and the fit will help too.

  3. Adamo rocks!!
    I am going to have to get one of those Krestels, sure is sweet looking.

  4. Sure loved our day together Sunday!
    I am very proud of you, Kacie!
    Love you!

  5. Nice looking ride, the Race saddle will take a little getting used to, but you will love it when your sit bones adapt!

  6. I have an adamo and I seriously don't think I'll ever be able to ride on another saddle ever again. :)

    Sending you tons of positive thoughts for that workout this weekend! WOOHOO!

  7. Sounds like a crazy/awesome week!

    I ride the Fizik Arione Tri2 and love it. I've never tried the adamo, but the fizik keeps my bootay pretty happy. I've never had an issue, everyone's nether parts are different tho. Try a ton and just go by what feels the most comfortable.

  8. sweet ride girl!! love it!
    be patient with the adamo- I LOVE mine but the first two weeks were hell! training is looking great over here! can't wait to meet ya in just a few short weeks!!