Thursday, March 3, 2011

Inspired in a Twisted Kind of Way!

My teammate Jeff commented this on my last post:

So when the Doc said, "It is time to train for an Ironman" ... did you perk up like Rocky Balboa in Rocky II when Adrianne said, "WIN!"??? ***Bells in the background*** Was Mickey sitting in the corner and jumped up and yelled, "What are we waitin' for?"

Before Ironman Louisville, George said that I had to "get my head right," so I saw Rocky for the first time. It was fantastic. I really really loved it.

Jeff--that was the perfect clip for me to see! I totally get it, and that's how I feel!

Then, after getting pumped up, I went to the pool, and there was a sign on it that said:

" Pool and Hot Tube Closed."

There are a lot of problems with this.

First, I wanted to swim, but I did strength stuff again.

Secondly, I had no IDEA my gym had a hot tube. I don't know what that is, and I mostly think it sounds like a good thing. I am totally missing out. I am imagining a hot water water slide with big blue tubes. Or something. Yikes.

Well, turns out it was closed because the filter broke. I looked in and people were swimming, but I could NOT face the idea of an unfiltered pool. E. Coli? No thanks!

Since I was talking about motivation........

Tuesday I got to go to my coach's trainer sessions again. Big room of cyclists on our bikes doing workout. Awesome! I go on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every workout, we get a paper copy of the workout to follow along and there is an inspirational quote on it. But I use the term inspirational loosely. Cyclists don't like things that would actually make you feel better.

I thought I would snap a few pictures of a few gems that I randomly pulled out of my bag.


"He was very sickly until he started riding around on that bike. Now his body's fine, but his mind is gone."-- Breaking away
Umm....yeah, now I am totally ready to kill a workout?!?.....


"POWER. It is what separates casual riders from the elite. You can be a precision handler, a wheel sucker extraordinaire, and elegant-pedaler but if you can't crank when the crunch comes you will be left behind." Fred Matcheny

Ok--I get it. Work hard on the power drills. But does that mean I get to skip one legged drills? ;-)

"It doesn't get any easier. You just get faster." Greg Lemond

This is my favorite. Coach uses it a lot, and it is encourages you in a very twisted kind of way. I think it's because I would mind getting faster AND easier. Hmmmm...seems unlikely :-)

Wednesday, I had a 7 mile run that I trudged though (because I am still super slow), but then I went to the pool, and did my fastest 1500yd set. That's good news!

After that, I headed over to see my massage terrorist Sara. If I am training again, then I have to be treating my body like I am training--nutrition and massage are key for me!

Tonight, I have a meeting with my training buddy Laura and my coach to hammer out our weekend workouts from now until St. George. I am ready to go. Inspired in a twisted way, taking care of myself, working hard, and really training again! This meeting will get our schedule set and our minds right to tackle this really early season Ironman!

What are we waitin' for????


  1. so glad everything is heading in the right direction for you!!

  2. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Girl, you are hard core! I am going to go get a massage....that really is so important, thanks for the inspiration! PS I am going to try Justin's, thanks for the pb recommendation:) Good to know you have the sock issue too:)

  3. YEAH!!! Get it!! It's so exciting to see some one, especially a teamie, find a new fire lit under them! Do Work Kid

  4. HA! LOVE that video, got me all fired up too.

  5. AWESOME!! Seriously that is what I was picturing in my head reading your last post.

    If only your coach looked like Mickey, this would have perfect!!

    Good call staying out of that pool ...yuk

  6. Love your blog sweetie!
    Love you,
    Mom :)

  7. wow thats so great :) good for you! how inspiring! xo i really like your blog! xo