Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big Arrival!

Yesterday, George's Kestrel 4000 arrived at our house (thanks to Kestrel for the sponsorship and Team Trakkers for generally being awesome!).

My husband George is a fantastic athlete, and he is going to make this bike look good! Now I am going to brag on him! Is the current state champion in Cat 3 road racing, and his is pretty close to cat-ing up to Cat2. He was an incredible runner, and he decided to dabble in a little running over the winter, and his quick little race report:
I ran the Disney Half Marathon last month and did well. My "reach goal" was to break 1:18:00, and I wanted to finish in the top twenty. In fact, I ran 1:16:20, and I finished thirteenth. I was second in my age group in a race that had 21,000 starters. Pretty good.

Pretty good--right!

Well people--this dude is learning how to swim--so WATCH OUT!

He also races in time trials on his road bike--so between moving into triathlon, and racing on inferior equipment, it was time for him to upgrade, and Kestrel gave us the opportunity for him to upgrade to a bike that is (in my mind) worthy of his awesomeness. Thank you Kestrel!

While his bike was out for delivery, he ordered us both new pedals, cleats, and tri shoes for him (I am still hunting for a new shoe for me--I have issues with my old ones!).

When he got home, our little condo door was totally blocked by this SUPER exciting box!

We live in a tiny little wonderful condo, and I think that this box took up about a third of our available square footage!

So every new bike comes with investments. Fittings, pedals, saddle changes, build costs, etc etc, BUT with this kind of excitement from the person who supports you 100%, I can't even begin to worry about any of that.

We did peek a little! This beauty is going to the shop today!

Of course, Team Trakkers and Kestrel means my bike is on the way, and I am so excited too! My old bike will be headed to my friend Laura's daughter, who is awesome, and who will love riding that bike!

This is the picture from the UPS page that I will be refreshing ALL day long until it says delievered. Are we a little excited about our new bikes????


  1. He is going to be a monster on that Kestrel rocket!

  2. Sick speed in the half.. I smell and up and coming pro...

  3. If you can tell, I am REALLY proud of him! He works really really hard, and has a deep history in these sports! He called that half his "In his 30's PR" :-)

  4. That is sooo awesome! Yay for a new bike!!