Monday, March 14, 2011

I am Ironman Training Now!

This week was the first one that was a killer. I was just zapped by the end!

Monday was swim and massage
Tuesday was the hardest trainer session I have ever done with my coach
Wednesday was a slog through an 8 mile run
Thursday won the new record for the hardest trainer session I have ever done with my coach
Friday was a tough workout in the pool
Saturday was a 73 mile ride handing on for dear life on George's wheel!
Sunday was a painful 12 mile run with hill repeats that I would have quit were it not for Laura!

Oh, AND George and I spent the weekend at Family Camp with Kids for kids, who were are working with! We rock climbed, did archery, paddle boats, team building, volleyball, run workouts barefoot in the grass, campfire (with SMORES!), service projects, and a mini time trial and bike ride (road and mountain)! It was a seriously awesome weekend, and I had a great great time.

Here we are debriefing after the longest attempt at an 18 person human knot EVER!

The campfire was was So so so fun, and you will see me chewing smores in all associated pictures!

I think the current highlight of Ironman training is eating smores with NO guilt!!!

Sunday George and I were riding around with the kids, and a dad got this cute picture of both of us! I love pictures of us on our bikes!

Here is the picture of all of the older kids before we took off on Sunday.

AND it was a big huge work week....but it was all really good.

AND My bike is being built in the shop. She is gorgeous! Here are a few sneak previews from visiting it at the shop!

And George is so excited to get on his bike and time trial, that he has taken to doing this......

I think I am going to be fit on it on it on Tuesday if I can fit it all in.

I am going to try to ride up in the Gaps on Saturday.

Sunday, I am running the Publix Half Marathon with my mom!!! I am super excited! Sparkles will be running the full. We will all go up there together. Then, Mom and I will run the half together. We will go out to brunch, and then I will come back and cheer for sparkles and pick her up at the end!

Should be a great week!


  1. Good luck this weekend. The pictures are fantastic!!!

  2. I love that the hardest trainer workout only lasted two days and was then topped again. You know that's a tough week when that happens! :)

    Loved the pictures from camp! And good luck this weekend!

  3. I can't figure out where you find time to fit in all the stuff you do! Good luck with your half! :)

  4. Swim and massage.... my kind of work week

  5. wow ... I got tired just from reading about all you activities!

  6. Yeah, Ironman training has a way of totally kicking your butt, doesn't it?!

    I was also exhausted by mid-week as I put in more volume than usual. My body is so sore.

    That is one good looking bike!

    Good luck this weekend!

  7. Holy crap you are busy. I am so jealous that you are riding outside in short pants and Tshirt. I love hte swim/massage.

  8. great update! you are working so hard!!!!

  9. What a great weekend!! Have fun tomorrow!