Friday, September 2, 2011

Taper Time! (Again!)

So last night, I made the decision that I am tapering.

My coach and I have kept my volume pretty high, but there has been some flexibility depending on how I feel, and I have felt good, so I have not really cut it short at all.

Wednesday I rode 2 hours instead of three, and thursday, I skipped my run to clean my bike. And eat. And do nothing, And take a bath. And, get my head right.

So, I spent some time talking with my awesome teammate Jill (who has a fantastic race report of Louisville up right now). She asked me what I want out of the race in Cedar Point...and I had NO answer for her. Great job Kacie.

So, for my workout, I worked on that. And I emailed some thought to my coach that went something like this (The she is Jill!):

She asked me what I want out of Cedar Point. And I am still working that out. Even though it is not an A race, I don't want Cozumel to be on my mind until monday the 12th. I know I want to finish another Ironman. I want to enjoy knowing so many people out on the course. I want that feeling of the finish line. I want to experience a new place. I have decided that I don't want a time prediction. I just want to do the distance, and see how I feel. I am healthy and well trained. It might be a good day, and it might not. I will just do the race and enjoy being a 3 time Ironman when I am done. One of the upsides of having three Ironmans on my schedule is that I don't have to feel the pressure that so many people feel if there is only one. I have my eggs in three different baskets!

So, that is where my head is right now.

Which leaves me in a decent place. I can use the taper to obsess about weather!


  1. Oh I've learned not even to look at the weather. I guess I am so use to our weather men getting it wrong even the day before I know over a week out it IS going to change!!!

  2. Cleveland is not where the race is. Not really all that close. Look up Sandusky, OH. Or Marblehead to get the water temperature. The weather is going to change everyday because of the impeding hurricane which may or may not hit the gulf.

  3. I'm looking forward to meeting you Kacie... and cheering you on to your third IM finish! :) Don't sweat the weather... they can't predict it right 10 minutes from now, let alone 10 days! :)

  4. I am terribly impressed by your three Iron distance races...I still haven't finished a 70.3 without injury. Here's hoping for 2012!

  5. So glad I ran into you! Our chat helped us both!! Love having teammates!! hope your taper is going well :D

  6. it sounds like your head is in a REALLY great place!