Thursday, October 14, 2010


So, Sparkles (wonderwoman), Chris and I are running the Myrtle Beach Half next weekend!

I am super excited about the trip!

For a variety of reasons (and Sparkles is blaming everyone involved....hehehe), Sparkles and I are going to be staying in......Camelot!Camelot by the Sea

Seriously--that is the hotel's name! AND, they have a lazy river and an outdoor sandbox (I am not sure how that is different from the beach....time will tell...)

I think it will be a really fun weekend though.

Now, I am a little disturbed by the finishers medals:

That is a shark bite!! Now, that is particularly disturbing because I did a peak Ironman training week not far from Myrtle Beach this summer. I swam in the ocean every day. I got stung by jellies, rubbed badly by the sand, and I hit a very solid fish-shark-toohardtosee-giant-thing in the water. And now, I am going to run a race where the medal embraces shark bites near the scene of my near freak out because my hand landed on an incredibly solid piece of somethings! YIKES!

All shark jokes aside, it should be a really fun weekend!

So my coach started our trainer sessions back up last night. An hour and a half on a trainer can be torture, but it flies by with a structured program and lots of great people to talk to during the "ride." As I took the trainer out though, I actually had to dust off real cobwebs, which felt like the sad coming of winter. With all of my goals for this next year, this winter is going to be one that is going to include tons of training. Gotta take care of myself in every way to make it through in shape for all of my 2011 races!

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