Friday, October 8, 2010

Goofy Mind and Body

So, I guess I will start with the bad and go to the good.

My mind was spinning yesterday as I really started to think about these commitments I am making for myself and my body. My coach told me to register for the goofy (more later on that), and to start looking for a 50K. I got scared for the first time. What have I gotten myself into? Who exactly do I think I am. I am just a regular girl, seriously!

So then I went for my easiest workout of the week-- a nice 6 miler run around the neighborhood. My mind was running WAY faster than me! I was thinking hard about injury and injury prevention and

I hit the ground. Nice, slow embarassing fall, but still a fall. I banged myself up enough that I was drippy with blood for the rest of my run, and I am a little bruised up.

Not to get too deep, but I do believe in the body/mind connection. My mind was getting WAY ahead of myself, and I was inventing injuries that have not even happened yet! I was worrying about things that I have no real right to worry about, and then I trip over nothing and knock myself on the ground. If that is not a clear body getting mind back to the present, I don't know what is! I spend the rest of my run trying to step on the crunchiest leaves I could find!

Certainly made for a better easy run!

It also got me thinking about the importance of recovery and a positive attitude. It is SO easy to let your mind slip into a negative place, and I have to do everything I can to resist that!

That being said, I officially changed my registration from the Disney Marathon to the Goofy Challenge and a Half! I am really excited about this! It is in January, and it is a half marathon on Saturday in Disney and a full on Sunday! Not going to lie, I am excited about the medals!

That is this year's marathon medal! There is also a Donald for the half, and a Goofy medal when you finish both!

Not only that, but I have SO many friends who are going down for the weekend! I am really thrilled about it! I finished in 2009, and had a blast, but everything is more fun with other people!

Ok, here's what all three medals looked like last year:

Those will be fun to hang up with the medal collection!!

AND yesterday, I saw my incredible massage terrorist, Sara. She is seriously an important part of my training. I told her about my Ultraman, and her words were, "I"M GOING TO CANADA!" I was about to invite her! She figures these things out first. It is seriously incredible how much better I feel after seeing her! Here we were (sara's on the left and sparkles, who is running her first marathon at disney is on the right) at a race this May:

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