Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nutrition Plan For Tashka 50K

First off--have I mentioned I love "followers?" Seriously, it is cool to have followers. Press follow if you are reading this, and give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

You know what else is great? Comments. Really great. I get SO excited when I see a comment.

Maybe I need a hobby. Hmmmm...I already have one that consumes my mind/body/spirit. Guess I am just a dork who likes comments and followers!

Ok, so I love this shirt. I might need it! Really, how cool is a cupcake with crossbones? Really cool.

and while we're at it...I need this shirt...I mean I seriously need this one...
Suck It Up Buttercup
Ok, maybe I don't need them. But they are fantastic.

Nutrition is a constant struggle for me. I really really love cookies, cake, and chocolate (see cupcakes above). In my perfect world, I could eat anything and feel great, train well, and be very lean. Hmmmm...turns out it doesn't work that way for me.

I have seen a fantastic nutritionist who is great. She keeps me from starving to death, I feel great when I follow her plan, and I perform well in my training and races. BUT--it's not easy. I usually kind of follow it, but I sometimes slack off. It is pretty strict, so it is not mentally easy for me to be perfect. I like chocolate. A lot.

So, this weekend is 6 weeks until my first 50K. I wrote myself a set of rules about the 6 weeks before the race. That is a manageable amount of time. It starts after Halloween and takes Thanksgiving into account. AND, there is a reward at the end! AND--there is a sticker chart involved. I will post a picture of my sticker chart later (IF I can follow my own rules).

Tashka 50K Plan


50K is a long way to run….a really long way. You need to be at your very best to finish this and recover in time for Goofy. You must take care of your nutrition for the next 6 weeks to train well, recover well, and be lean, fit, and strong. This whole race WILL be a challenge, and you need to be ready for it!


1. Follow Ilana’s Plan

2. Track Ilana’s Plan every day (small frog for every day tracked).

3. At least 4 days a week without dessert (monkey sticker for every day!)

4. 2 Relaxed days on Thanksgiving week (Thanksgiving with the Darden’s and with the Schoen’s)

5. Carb Deplete and Carb load during race week—and no treats until I am done!


Cute winter running outfit


110% Recovery Tights


The difference between a goal and a mission is attitude. Missions are evident by an accompanying passionate commitment. With the proper attitude, almost anything is possible.

So, I will be starting on Monday (not THAT different from what I am already doing), but it is making myself be more accountable to myself during this training cycle.

George thinks I am going to get myself both of my possible rewards :-)


  1. I love this plan! And I love following your blog! :-)

  2. PS - Where is the muffin crossbones t-shirt from? I am totally coveting that.

    Go Kacie! You can do it! Get lots of frogs and monkeys!


    I am actually getting extra credit on my frogs and monkey! I had 7 frogs and FIVE monkeys last week!!!!

    Clearly--I am a little nuts

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