Monday, October 18, 2010

Final Races of 2010

First off, I had a pretty great weekend of training. 14 miles of trail running Saturday, and 4 hours of mountain climbing ride on Sunday up in N. Georgia. Hard to ask for much more than that!

Time to look at the rest of the year!

October 24th Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon.
Should be an enormous amount of fun this weekend! Running with Sparkles and Chris for their first half marathon!

October 30th Silver Comet Half Marathon
Celebrating my mom's birthday by running her first half marathon with her!!!

November 13th Serenbe 15K
So this will be the third year I have run this race, and I really love it. It is a beautiful trail race! George is probably going to run this one too, and I am so excited to be in a race with him!

November 25th Thanksgiving Day Atlanta Half Marathon
This will also be the third time I have done this race, and I really love it. It is a brand new course, which looks more like the ING race, and that will prove to be a hilly one, but I'm ok with that--hills are kind of what I do!

Then....drumroll........I am signed up for the:
December 11th Tashka 50K Trail run in Alabama
Somewhat terrifying. I am hoping that a 50K will help my Ultraman application. That's why I'm giving it a shot!
I am getting pretty pumped for it though. I think I could do it well!

Well, last week was a 12 hour training week, which is solid! Ready to start racing again after a two months of recovering and rebuilding!

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