Monday, October 25, 2010

Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon

I'm back, and had a fun weekend in good ole Myrtle beach!

So I drove to the beach Friday afternoon, and checked into Camelot 7 hours later. I was SO excited to check out this lazy river, so I went to see it, and was SO small. I mean, really, it took about 4.5 seconds to make it around. I could not contain my laughter!

Then I went out for about 4 minutes to get a bottle of water as to avoid beach water at Starbucks. On my way back in, I saw a "former-gangster-turned-jersey-shore-redneck" asked me to use my phone. Great. I give it to him, and he starts yelling at someone about loosing "2 grand" in cash from his wallet. I imagine that he earned that through entirely legitimate means. Oh, and he had one of those "i killed a person" tattoo tear drops. I imagine this friendship we forged will last forever....meaning I headed up to the room and locked every door! :-)

So, saturday, we went to Margaritaville

To be perfectly honest, it was fun!!! Cheeseburger in paradise (veggi for me of course!) and key lime pie!

We went to packet pick up, got everything ready, had some pasta, and went to bed.

In the morning, there was a Medieval Times--their picture from facebook--not mine. Hilarious way to start the race!!!

The race went really well. Chris ran ahead for a while, and Sparkles and I held a strong 10:14 pace to finish her first half marathon in 2:14:01. I am SOOOO proud of my friend Sparkles for finishing her first half marathon! What a great person to race with! I had a really good time in the race, and really truly enjoyed sharing the race experience with such a great friend.

The finish line was really fun right on the boardwalk, and I gave Bart Yasso a high five on my way in!

OH, and I did get fudge for Sara! Maybe that means she will be nicer to my shoulders now!

AND, I bought myself this shirt from David and Goliath. It is awesome, and I feel pretty much sums me up :-)
One Tough Cookie

Well, this weekend, I will be racing the Silver Comet Half Marathon with my mom to celebrate her birthday! I can't wait! It should be a very different race from last weekend, and I can't wait to share a fun race with my mom! Love you mom!!!

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