Monday, October 4, 2010

My pool is trying to kill me--and utopia

Pools should look like this:

It seems that whoever has been in control of my pool lately likes to dump in chemicals, so that it looks more like this:

On the downside, it means my eyes are watering before I swim, and I am coughing pretty hard by the last 500 of my 3000 yd swim.

On the upside, it helps me practice sighting in the pool! That's always good for an open water swimmer!

For another class, my students have to design a utopia. One student's idea of utopia was a place where there were no cars, and everyone would swim, bike or run everywhere. And there are snack shops with only "healthy snacks and water." Sounds like my kind of place!

My Ultraman Update--my application is complete! I was told that they would keep me updated about the number of people and the lottery. My fingers are crossed!

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