Friday, October 22, 2010

Headed to Myrtle Beach!

So, I am leaving for Myrtle Beach this afternoon. I am clearly ready for this race because.....

1. I saw Sara last night, and after over an hour of "maintenance" on my hips, she had a few minutes for my shoulders. She said, "you have to come back Monday, because it is crunchy in here." Disgusting.
I did promise Sara fudge. Surely there is a fudge shop in Myrtle Beach. There's always a fudge shop in those types of places. Hopefully I will not be making fudge sunday night because I mad a promise I couldn't keep! Cross your fingers for fudge!

2. I have Trader Joes pumpernickel pretzels.

I mean really, what else could you need?

3. I also have something else ready for this trip. Ok, I also have...........drumroll...................a new phone!!!!! George got it for me as a "going away for the weekend so you can call me for more than 5 minutes without the battery dying" present! YIPPIE! It doesn't even have any lines or black spots on the screen! It is currently set to a beach scene with a starfish in honor of the trip to the beach!

But seriously--the real question of the weekend. This is my first race post Ironman. There are serious considerations after such a big race-----such as---

What am I going to wear?
I brought a variety of choices, but I just don't know!

So, I am heading out around 2, will be driving for close to 7 hours, and then the fun will begin!!


  1. good luck girlie!!! go get 'em and have fun!

  2. Hilarious Kacie. Just HILARIOUS =)Thanks for running with me! Leave no cupcake behind!

  3. It was SO much fun! Cupcakes stick together and dance the tootsie roll across the finish line!