Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ups and Downs this weekend

I went for a ride on Saturday morning and came back to a busted open windshield. The idiots left my wallet behind, but took my bike bag. I hope they enjoy my Ironman Louisville Sweatshirt and visor. They will also find use of:

I am sure they will feel stylish in this:

And what smash and grab thief doesn't want one of these:

Big jerks, that's what they are. And to top it off, after a nice and hilly 43 mile ride, I wanted to at least have my post ride nutrition, but NO, they also took:


Is being a thief such hard work that you need to steal people's protein shakes?

I also hope that they enjoy some nice heartrate zone training, because they have:

Not the monitor, just the strap. I mean, REALLY???
Oh window, and out a bunch of gear.

Good ride though.

In better news.....
Sunday, I cheered on my friend Mia's husband in his first half marathon!
It seemed like a fun race! Plenty of people and entertainment! Incredible running weather.

So, after breakfast, I went out for 10.5 miles, and I am finally starting to feel human running again! That was nice.

Finished up a big running day with a ride/run with my triathlon team. That was great too! They are participating in a sprint tri next weekend, and they are going to be great!!!

Off to get ready for the week now!

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