Monday, October 11, 2010

Eco Sport Bottles

I got a great email from Eco Sports Bottles that they want to sponsor me at their "Gold Level." This company makes environmental (and health friendly) sport bottles! I can't wait to get some to try them out! I will let you know what I think! Thanks! (That's not me below, but it does show the cool new bottles I get to try out!)

Kids at sprint triathlon

Oh man, my triathlon team was AMAZING this weekend at the Douglasville last chance triathlon. Not only did they all finish an adult triathlon, but we took home TONS of trophies!

Update with Joshgeorgia sports chiropracticolympic gold medalist angelo taylor

On Monday, I saw Josh, my sports Chiropractor. He had hear through the grapevine (thanks sara ;-) ) that I had applied to Ultraman. He was pretty hesitant about the whole endeavor. Then, he worked on me, and said that I felt "bulletproof," and that he is ready to support me in the crazy race!!! Now, I just have to keep waiting....

Ride + Run +Swim

47 mile ride with George up in Dalton on Saturday, followed by an awesome 12 mile trail run at Kennesaw Mountain, and a nice 3000yd workout in the pool. All in all it was a great weekend of training!

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