Monday, November 1, 2010

Silver Comet Half Marathon

This weekend, my mom and I ran her first half marathon!

We had SUCH a good time. It was a beautiful and flat course, and we just talked and ran and talked and ran the whole time. It was GREAT!

Not only that, but my mom is fast! We finished in around 2:10-2:11 (they still haven't posted the results). Not only that, but we stopped so she could use the bathroom 3 times (we knew that going in), and we waited in line. Which means, my mom is actually closer to a 2 hour half, because, well because my mom is AWESOME!

When we finished, she said, "well that went by fast!" Love her!!!!

(on a side and obnoxious note, they didn't have water at the end of the race! What's up with that! Great day, awesome volunteers, but nothing to drink at the end!!!)

Then, we went to J.Christopher's (very thirsty, I might add)

And we had a SUPER yummy brunch. I love brunch after a half. You have run long enough to be hungry, but not so long that your stomach rejects food!

It was a wonderful experience, and Mom is ready to take on the next challenge. I am putting it out there in the universe that Mom seriously wants to do a full next year :-) Like I said, my mom is AWESOME.

I will try to post a picture of the medal later on when I have our camera. It's cute!

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