Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Cupcake is Mine!

The last day of November!

Tonight, I am going to post a picture of my November calendar. It is JAMMED with monkey and frog stickers. That's right. I have rocked the month of N ovember (with indended and allowed Thanksgiving yumminess!). I have actually done even BETTER than my rules.

I have now upped it a little, and starting sunday, I have to have all frogs (tracked food according to nutritionist plan) AND monkeys (no dessert days) until after the Tashka 50K. That's every day from Sunday until December 10th. I got this.

So, I kind of already ordered my gifts to myself--and I promised myself, george, and my bank account that I WILL earn every monkey and frog (even with my new supercharged version) until the race. NO slipping AT ALL! Because, I already got my stuff.

So, from all3sports, I ordered:


So, they are compression pants and calf sleeves with ice packs that you can insert. YES. Ice bath without the ice bath! I am all about recovery these days, so I can't WAIT to try them out and see how they help me get over soreness and get back out there faster. Compression is supposed to really help with recovery, and I am a huge believer in ice, so this combo should be pretty killer.

AND....as an early christmas present, on cyber monday, I got....

I will post my own pictures of me wearing the coolest hoodie ever as soon as I get it. AND I got a sticker, so the toaster/box car/black hole(as george calls it) will be soon be sporting a killer cupcake and crossbones too. YES! (Thanks to Sparkles for sending me the Johnny Cupcakes Coupon.

Now, I am going to be watching my ups tracker and waiting for these things to arrive!!!


  1. That is an awesome sweatshirt! I am so excited for you!!