Thursday, November 4, 2010

Disney is Growing!!

Time for a Disney update!
Holy cow! The crew to Disney is getting bigger, AND George is going to run the half marathon!!! I am so so so excited about that! We are doing a few races together this year, and I am thrilled

Here is the current Disney Crew, who they are, and their distance of choice for the weekend!

Me: Goofy (half Saturday, full Sunday)
George: Hubby: Half

Sparkles: Long time friend/wonder woman: Full
Chris: Sparkle's Boyfriend: Full

Mia: Long time friend: Cheerleader Extraordinaire
Ryan: Mia's Hubby: Full

Kelly: Rock star Climbing Partner: Full

Sara: Massage Therapist: 5K plus massage all weekend

Kendra: Sara's Friend: 5K and possibly looking for the party at Disney (says Sara!)

Erin (TyTy): Long Time friend: Half
Dave (?): Cheerleader

Jason: Ryan's Brother: Full
Kristi: Jason's Fiance: Cheer Squad

Zach: Ryan/Jason's partner in crime: Full
Brooke: Zach's Wife: Cheer Squad

Erica: Chris' Friend: Full
Charlie: Chris' Friend: Full

So the crew is kind of HUGE, and I am so excited! Anyone else want to join??? It is going to be a BLAST, and the races are close to filling!

Saturday night, Sparkles and her mom are going to be cooking a huge spaghetti dinner for the crew! That is going to be GREAT fun!

Food, continued--first off, I am kind of rocking the nutrition plan. Three frog sticker AND three monkey stickers already. I doing great (for me), and not surprisingly, and having a very good training week! Those two things are so very closely linked for me. Train hard, eat right, sleep lots, go fast!

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  1. I am so so so excited about this trip and these races! It's going to be one amazing time!