Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Serenbe Official Results

Just a little more on Serenbe....since they released some results!

The Serenbe 15k and 5k Trail Race

So, I figured I would share the official Serenbe results. I was fifth in my AG. I know I should not be upset with that. But I am kind of. Granted, any other age group, and I would have been 1st or 2nd, but I am not in any other age group!

It was also out of 37 women, so it's not that bad, really! I should be happy with it, and I am, but I am DYING to be in the top three of something. I have not had one top three event in 2010......Guess I should just keep on working!!! It's going to happen......I am getting faster, so I am sure it will!

Do not want to sound whiny. That is 8:30 pace on a tough trail race without any speed work, and I seriously gave it everything I had! I can't control who else shows up to a race, I can only control myself!

Now, this is so cool, so I have to share it too, because I am SO proud of him! He is such a competitor too. Look at how he held those other dudes off!

Not only that, but George is front and center of the photographer's "teaser picture" (since they haven't released pictures yet. He's in the red shirt looking like he's ready to win this thing.

If that's what all the pictures looks like, we will certainly be buying some!

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