Friday, November 26, 2010


All right....Thanksgiving!

I woke up and ran the Atlanta Track Club Thanksgiving Half Marathon
This is the third year I have run it! Those are my three medals. My times have improved every year, and so have the medals :-)

Mia, Ryan, and Zach came with George and yours truly to the race. Amazingly, Ryan found Zach AFTER the race started to get his number from him. Did I mention 12,000 people registered? Incredible.

Mia and George chased us around, and captured these pics!

Here I am in the pink shorts about to run by our house. Crazy how humid it was! It was practically hot out there!

Here goes Zach!

Turning a corner and trying to smile, I know Mia is taking pictures!

Awesome pic of Ryan!

Ready to finish this day up!

And done!

Meeting the guys at the "D" for Darden!

And here I am with my medal. 1:49:08. I've done better, and I've done worse.

The epilogue is that later on, I ate so much pie I made myself sick! Yum!


  1. Sounds like a great way to start off Thanksgiving! Congrats!