Saturday, November 27, 2010

Running and Eating....My Two Favorites!

So, part of my nutrition plan included allowing myself three days of lee-way during Thanksgiving. Now, I have done even better, and actually kept it just to dinner of those days (plus three days of dessert!).

Today is my last day of fun before I crunch back down for two straight weeks until Tashka. I can use getting rid of any last pound for 50K and being properly fueled in my last bit of training!

Today was supposed to be an easy 10.....riiiight......I met Laura on some trails that I didn't know, and we more or less hammered it for almost 2.5 hours. 13 for sure. Big hills. Oh, and the last two miles were flat, and we ran hard hard hard. For sure 8 minute miles, two days after my race, and at the end of my "easy recovery run." We tried to do two more huge hill repeats to add a couple of miles, but my left leg refused. I know that sounds weird, but it is entirely true. It kindof just stopped. Something started catching in the back of my knee. I think when we stopped for just a minute to say hello to George and get a drink of water, my legs just got really really cold, and then we tried to go straight uphill. But, she was already over 18, and I was 3 miles over my "recovery run" anyway, so we called it a day. No time for injury, even if they are small!

I was wiped out after that run. I mean super tired. I ate, I took a nap, I ate some more, and I watched get the idea.

Then, we went out to eat at a new place. Must celebrate my last relaxed day before I get nutritionally super serious again, right!
Cafe Sunflower

So, we tried out this gem of a restaurant. Yum, yum, yum. It was amazing. My only problem is that I didn't know about this place the three years we have lived her in Midtown Atlanta. It was seriously amazing. And we ate a TON of food, and....shhhh....I have vegan chocolate cake in the fridge waiting for us to have room to eat it!!!

Now, I just want the cookbook!


For my Athens friends, it felt like the Grit, but grown up, got a job, cost a little more, but still likes desserts!

Oh, here is a picture of the appetizer box that we ordered, because ALL of the appetizers looked good!
Lin Sun Cafe Sunflower Sunflower Box

But ours had a couple of different things! was awesome.

Can't wait to eat that cake :-)


  1. Quick update for those following along at home . . .

    the cake was gooooooood. :-)

  2. I love Cafe Sunflower! So glad you guys got to enjoy it!