Saturday, November 20, 2010

Run Run Run

So, this is a pretty big week for me running-wise....

I am done with work for the week, and I get to do a long run, short run, race, medium run (and ride a few times too!). How could I ask for anything more? Hmmmm...I can't. I am an incredibly lucky human being.


So, on the unlucky side of things....... ;-)

I was running on Thursday, and I really had to go to the bathroom. I mean seriously, really really really had to go to the bathroom. I was trying to coach myself through the rest of the run in my head, and I look up and see one of these in the middle of the sidewalk.
Come on universe. You have GOT to be kidding me. OR, thinks my evil side, maybe it was sent for me because I was focused SO hard on wanting/needing a toilet.

BUT, since I didn't want to waste money on bail (I was in the middle of the lovely Virginia-Highlands neighborhood), I kept painfully running.

THEN, I remembered the bathroom in the park by the tennis courts. YES--I can make it. So I make my way up there and realize that the security guy is walking towards them....NOOOOOO...he CANT lock it before I get there!

I run up, panting, and say, "PLEASE let me use the bathroom before you close it!!!" And he says, "Sweetheart, it closed at 6, and it's 8 now." NOOOOOOO. I pull myself together, and keep running. I am really close to home. I can do this

Then, I hear a sound behind me, and a golf cart, driven by my security guard friend pulls up and say, "get in." I say, "thank you SOOO much, but I live right here, and I am almost home." He says, "you sure? I can get you into a bathroom, and I really don't want you to suffer." I thank him again, dart across the street, and burst into my house. Man, was it good to be home!!!!


My epic morning run will have to wait for the next post. There is NO way to follow that story :-)

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