Monday, November 22, 2010

Trail Running at Ft Yargo

An epic morning was had by all...and then an epic afternoon!

So, I met Sparkles, Chris, and Erica for a long run at Ft. Yargo State Park in Winder.
Together, we tackled the awesome trails for 12.5 miles together.

Towards the end, Erica and I were on our own. Now, mind you, no one had ever run these trails before. Also note that the trails are really meant for mountain bikers....SO, there are these by passes that skip the technical stuff for a bike, and we were determined not to miss any thing. So, the map shows us some terribly named thing: horseshoe drop. We said, NO BYPASS, and went down on our butts. Then, we crawled up the other side and fell to the ground laughing....well first, I found a picture online of this monstrosity:

Hardly even gives it justice.

Anyway, we were on the ground laughing, because, well the bypass really just barely went to the right. In fact, I think the bypass was probably longer than the actual horseshoe drop. Good work us.

So, my lovely friends left, and I was off on my own for the 7 mile inner loop. Somewhere on top of a giant giant hill, I realized I could look way way way down.....and see the trail. Great. That was a good extra least! Missed these signs:

But, it was a great adventuresome crazy morning/afternoon/early evening. I felt really solid on that 20+ miler, and even though I didn't really feel like going another 10, I probably could have if I had to. That is a good place to be. December 11th is coming soon!

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